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Audio/ Video Intercom Systems Melbourne

Video and/or Audio Intercom system are suitable for use in family homes, offices, apartment buildings and residential communities. It can be used as a simple door bell or as a security screening monitor. Your family or workers can now have the security of knowing who is at the door prior to opening it, either via a black and white or colour picture and/or speaking to the person.

As an additional option, the person on the inside can open a door (Magnetic Lock or Electronic Door Strike), to let you visitors in. Secured entry apartment type living situation can greatly benefit from allowing guests in from an upstairs apartment, without having to come all the way downstairs. Similarly this option can also be used to greet people and open gates that are a distance away from the dwelling.

A multi internal system will allow for inter-communication within the household, where one room can call the next. A great idea for calling the kids down when dinner is ready or monitor a baby sleeping

Brands and Types