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Crime Statistics

  • On average 1 in 66 homes are burgled every year in Victoria, equating to 1
    burglary every
    18 minutes.
  • More than 35% of Australians still leave doors and windows unlocked when
    they aren’t home.
  • One in four households have been burgled, that number increases to one in three
    in capital cities.
  • Thieves are more likely to return to the scene of the crime within three months
    of a break-in.
  • The most common time for burglary is between 8am and noon.
  • Higher proportions of riskier suburbs are found in the inner city, as well as the
    northern and western suburbs.

Property Crime – 2005 – ABS

Burglary, Motor Vehicle and Other Theft – By Location

property crime

Location of Unlawful Entry – 2011 – ABS

The Unlawful Entry of a Structure with the Intent to Commit an Offence

location of unlawful entry